Commercial  rotisserie 9 forks
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Commercial rotisserie 9 forks

Name: Commercial  rotisserie 9 forks
Dimension:1180×490×1880 mm 
Power:0.4KW 220V/50Hz
Heat flux:30KW/H
* Excellent workmanship, excellent quality stainless steel
* Conforms to food hygiene regulations.
* Easy to operate, high efficiency
* A variety of gas sources available, LNG, LPG.
MODEL        Description          Dimenstion
     AGR-9P        Roast chicken machine 9  forks        1180× 490× 1880       Power: 0.4 KW 220V/50Hz
       Heat Flux: 30 KW/H

The maximum roast chicken capacity: 36, the best recommended 27.
Each stick class controls speed individually.
The upper outlet is not closed.

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