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Are you a factory or a trading company?

About us have already introduced, we have our own factories also do one-stop procurement of upstream and downstream products, so we belong to industry and trade integration business.

Does your product have quality control?

Our factory has a quality control personnel (QC), and in the material warehouse and equipment links have professional control product quality, before shipment, we will, as appropriate, the finished product sampling or full inspection,avoid to making quality problems.

What are the methods of transport that you can offer?

We can accept most of the mode of transport, by sea,by air, truck and train, express, either is ok.

What are the payment methods you can accept?

We accept T / T remittance, LC, cash and some personal credit card payment, other payment methods temporarily support.

Why does the packing method change at an additional cost?

Because of the different costs of packaging materials lead to a direct increase in costs, re-packaging also requires labor costs, so it will charge an additional fee.

Do you have several branch offices?

At present, only the Hong Kong headquarters and the mainland of Foshan, other regional branch office in preparation.

Why do you need to make an appointment to visit the factory?

Our factories are ISO 2001 standards, production control more stringent, the order of the factory orderly, usually to allow external personnel to enter,


So you need to make an appointment to enter, so as to avoid production accidents or production order damage, resulting in quality control problems.


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